Realign Counselling

professional counselling, Supervision & coaching in surrey


Vicki specialises in helping people who are feeling stuck and lost and/or managing issues like: depression and anxiety, dealing with grief and/or loss, chronic illness, trauma, addictions, relationship problems, parenting difficulties and issues with career, life purpose, lack of fulfilment, life direction to name just a few.

Vicki's counselling approach today is a balance of both counselling and coaching with a more 'moving forward' approach which she calls 'Positive Alignment Therapy'.

What is Positive Alignment Therapy?

Positive Alignment Therapy is based on the theory that we all have a core self or 'true self'. This true self is at the heart of our being and where we are connected to something 'bigger', it's the home of our gut feelings and instincts, some may also call this their 'inner self', 'higher self' or 'soul', and it is this that guides us in making choices and decisions. 

Our sense of self - who we describe ourselves to be in the world or what some may call their 'ego' or 'outer self', is impacted, influenced and programmed by our experiences in childhood, parents, education, relationships, society, the media and circumstances in our lives. This can cause us to become disjointed and misaligned from our true self. As a result we can sometimes feel lost, stuck, confused and unfulfilled. The further away we are from our true self the more anxious, hopeless and depressed we feel. However we never become detached from our true self, we are part of it, we simply need to refocus and realign ourselves as a result we feel happier, more in control and more resilient to life's challenges.

How does a session work?

Positive alignment therapy is a talking therapy, Vicki will listen and intuitively read what you bring to the session, asking specific questions that help clarify her and your understanding and enable you to realign. Sessions are generally focussed much more on moving forward and where you want to be rather than looking back. Sessions are suitable for anyone who is ready for change, each session last one hour. 

Outcomes vary but clients generally report feeling calmer, happier, clearer, empowered and more confident.

How many session will I need?

Everyone is different so this is very hard to answer, some may find an appointment once a week for several months is what they need to get through a tough time, others may prefer a session every week/fortnight for a couple of months, or a monthly session for 6-8 months and others simply one session is all that is needed with a booster session every 3 months or so. It's entirely up to you and what suits your needs and your budget. 

How much does it cost?

£70 per 1 hour session

£60 per session for teenagers aged 12 upwards (£65 for home visits)

Do you see children?

Positive alignment therapy can be very effective with teenagers, although it may not be the best approach for some children under 13. If you're worried about you child under 13 please speak to your GP who can refer you to other services. However, not all children need therapy, many just need to learn skills and tools to feel more confident and manage their anxieties/worries. Vicki is also a CHAMPS Academy Kids and Teens Confidence and Life Skills coach and runs 1:1 sessions via Skype or Facetime as well as groups and workshops for children (as young as 4) and teens to teach them the skills and strategies they need to feel more confident and build their resilience to cope with life's challenges. Please click here for more information