Realign Counselling

Resilience Counselling for adults and busy professionals 

Realign Counselling

Vicki is the owner and creator of Realign Counselling, she began training in counselling in 1998 and has worked in the area of anxiety and depression for twenty years. During that time she's seen that people are born resilient and our culture undermines that resilience and causes people to lose confidence in their ability to cope with difficult situations.

As well as her counselling practice Vicki has worked with parents, children and young people, in early years settings, primary and secondary schools and youth services. Vicki discovered that from a young age, people are encouraged to play safe and avoid taking risks. Playing safe leads to a loss of confidence in your ability to handle change, major challenges and making difficult decisions.

Vicki enjoy's working with a wide range of issues such as loss and grief, stress and anxiety, depression and negative coping mechanisms. However Vicki specialises in working with people in business to help them rediscover their innate strengths so they can fulfil their full personal and professional potential and enjoy life.

, she began her counselling career in 1998 whilst working as a Reiki and Karuna Master healer. Vicki found Reiki healing loosened up people’s emotions which they often wanted to talk about, so she went on to complete an advanced diploma in Counselling and then a BA Hons degree in Person Centred Counselling at Metanoia Institute in London.

Vicki initially worked with adults via GP and Hospital referrals within agencies and private psychiatric clinics, with people often experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression before moving into private practice. 

In an effort to understand how problems develop in childhood and shape us as adults, Vicki began an MA in Play Therapy and developed a passion for working therapeutically with children, she later transferred onto and gained an MA in Early Childhood Studies, specialising in infant/child wellbeing and parenting. 

Vicki also worked in various roles over 15 years in education, primary schools, youth services and early years settings, and was the manager of a busy Sure Start Children's Centre supporting nearly 4000 children and their parents and families. All of this experience enriched and broadened her understanding of people and how experiences throughout our lives shape us as adults. 

Having understood how problems develop in childhood and shape us as adults and how our culture and circumstances can undermine our resilience, Vicki developed a system to show people how to quickly get back in touch with their inner resilience and maintain it through challenges.

With many years experience working with people from all age groups and a huge variety of backgrounds, cultures and circumstances, Vicki now specialise in working with busy professionals to help them rediscover their innate strengths so they can fulfil their full personal and professional potential and enjoy life.

Vicki lives in Surrey with her husband and four children and works in private practice as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Resilience Expert.