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Vicki Morganti

Vicki Morganti is a professional Counsellor (MA, BA Hons, Dip couns, NCPS accred, reg.MBACP) and the owner and creator of Realign Counselling. 


Vicki gained a BA Hons degree in Person Centred counselling but has been influenced by many psychologists, psychotherapists, educationalists and motivational and influential speakers over the years. Vicki works with adults experiencing a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, unresolved trauma and PTSD, addictions, feeling lost or stuck, relationships issues, weight problems, gender and sexual identity, spirituality and the law of attraction, lack of confidence, lack of purpose or direction to name just a few!


If you've had counselling before you will likely find Vicki's way of working very different, she has a conversational style, so no long awkward silences! Her approach is holistic, blending counselling therapy (humanistic approaches) along with coaching support, through a system she developed called 'Realign Counselling', that teaches you various tools and simple steps to help you realign with your true self again, feel back in control of your life, happier, more confident and more authentically you!


Vicki began her career in her early twenties as a Reiki and Karuna master healer but found it released a lot of blocked emotion which she was unsure of how to manage, so she began training in counselling in 1998. Although Vicki no longer practices Reiki, she continues to use healing to remove emotional trauma from the body on a quantum level. She can do this without any physical touch and via zoom or phone as well as in person. This can give her real insight into blocks, stuck emotions and beliefs that people are unaware of and have struggled to release.


As an energy reader Vicki works with all aspects of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. Vicki can see, feel, sense (both physically and emotionally) your past, current and future experiences through pictures, scenes and symbols. She is able to read your soul signature and the bigger perspective of who you are - as well as those close to you  - including deceased loved ones and guides who may have messages for you. This can be extremely helpful for clients who struggle to know where to start or what the real problem is, or express how they are feeling. As a result people feel understood from the get go, it is common for people to say, 'You have understood me more in 20 minutes than another therapist did in 6 months of therapy!' 


As well as her private counselling practice, Vicki has also worked for over fifteen years with families, parents, children and young people, in early years settings, primary and secondary schools and youth services. As a result, Vicki discovered that some people are very sensitive and can feel overwhelmed by the harshness of life, they learn to play safe, keep small, avoid taking risks and often override their intuitive impulses. This over time can lead to a loss of confidence, reduced ability to handle change, manage challenges and make difficult decisions.


''When we try to be someone we are not, get caught up in our thoughts and limiting beliefs, or try to keep ourselves small, we can eventually get lost and this leads to anxiety, depression and overwhelm.''


Alongside her counselling practice Vicki is currently studying natural medicine and training as a natural physician specialising in Iridology, Herbal medicine, Naturopathy, Healing diets and Quantum botanicals (such as flower essences and essential oils) which she aims to integrate into her counselling practice.


Vicki is married and mother to four children and a gorgeous grandson. She currently works in private practice in West Byfleet, Surrey. 

Vicki Morganti Realign Counselling
Realign Counselling
Realign Counselling

Why Choose Vicki?

20+ years experience

Accredited registered member 


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A unique and deep[y healing


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