Realign Counselling

Professional counselling for adults & adolescents in Surrey

I am the owner and creator of Realign Counselling and began my counselling career nearly 20 years ago after originally working as a Reiki and Karuna practitioner. I gained a diploma and a BA Hons degree in Person Centred Counselling and initially worked with adults via GP and Hospital referrals within agencies and private psychiatric clinics, with people experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression.  

In an effort to understand how problems develop in childhood and shape us as adults I began an MA in Play Therapy and developed a passion for working therapeutically with children. I later transferred onto and gained an MA in Early Childhood Studies, specialising in infant and child wellbeing and parenting. During my studies I also worked in various roles over 15 years in education, youth services and early years settings, most recently as the manager of a busy Sure Start Children's Centre supporting children, parents and families. 

I now work in private practice as a counsellor with adults and adolescents and as a confidence and life skills coach for children and teens (aged 4-16). Please click here to find out more about my coaching work with children and teens. 

My counselling approach today has a strong Person Centred core but has been influenced by many great psychologists, psychotherapists, educationalists and motivational speakers over the years as well as Solution Focussed coaching, emotion-focussed therapy, CBT and Mindfulness techniques. This inspired me to create my own approach called 'Realign Counselling" which focuses on enabling individuals to realign with their 'true' self, you can find out more about my counselling practice here