Realign Counselling

Professional counselling for adults & adolescents in Surrey

I am the owner and creator of Realign Counselling. I began my counselling career nearly 20 years ago after working as a Reiki and Karuna Master healer in my early twenties. I found Reiki healing loosened up people’s emotions which they often wanted to talk about, so I went on to complete a diploma and then a BA Hons degree in Person Centred Counselling at Metanoia Institute in London.

I initially worked with adults via GP and Hospital referrals within agencies and private psychiatric clinics, with people often experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression before moving into private practice. 

In an effort to understand how problems develop in childhood and shape us as adults I began an MA in Play Therapy and developed a passion for working therapeutically with children. I later transferred onto and gained an MA in Early Childhood Studies, specialising in infant/child wellbeing and parenting. 

I've also worked in various roles over 15 years in education, primary schools, youth services and early years settings, and was the manager of a busy Sure Start Children's Centre supporting thousands of children, parents and families from pregnancy to age 19. All of this experience enriched and broadend my understanding  of people and how experiences throughout our lives shape us as adults. 

I've always felt comfortable talking to, guiding, helping and listening to people. Even as a young child I remember being aware of peoples emotions and wanting to help them and I often did. I have therefore always had a fascination with all things to do with self development and have read thousands of books and attended many seminars and training events with motivational speakers, forward thinkers and researchers over the years.

I now work live in Surrey with my husband and four children and work in private practice as a counsellor with adults and adolescents, you can find out more about my Realign Counselling here