Realign Counselling

Professional counselling for adults & adolescents in Surrey

Realign Counselling

Realign Counselling is a powerful, challenging and yet empowering counselling approach which has brought about positive and lasting change for many adults and adolescents helping to shift relationships, family dynamics and lifestyles.

What is Realign Counselling?

Realign Counselling is a counselling approach that I (Vicki Morganti) created, based on years of research and experience of working with people from birth to old age. Its fundamental theory is that we all have a core self or 'true self'. This true self is at the heart of our being and where we are connected to something 'bigger', it's the home of our gut feelings and instincts and it's this that guides us in making choices and decisions. 

Our sense of self - who we describe ourselves to be in the world or what some may call their 'ego' or as I like to call it our 'outer self', is impacted, influenced and programmed by our experiences in childhood, our parents, education and school life, relationships, society, the media and circumstances, traumas and loss in our lives. This can cause us to become disjointed and misaligned from our true self. As a result we can sometimes feel lost, stuck, confused and unfulfilled. The further away we are from our true self the more anxious, hopeless and depressed we feel. However we never become detached from our true self, we are part of it, we simply need to refocus and realign ourselves, as a result we feel happier, more in control and more resilient to life's challenges.

What can it help with?

I specialise in working with people who feel stuck, lost and/or have a lack of fulfilment and/or life direction. I am also experienced in working with issues such as:

  • Dealing with Grief and loss
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Living with chronic pain
  • Relationships problems
  • Addictions
  • Gender Identity and transgender
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Issues with career
  • Aspergers syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue/ME depression
  • Spirituality and Law of Attraction
  • Lack of confidence/low self esteem
  • Pregnancy and birth

What can I expect?

Counselling provides a warm, safe and supportive space for people to talk about issues that concern them or limit them in some way. Having someone who doesn't know you, really listen and help you understand, process and make peace with your past is very powerful and healing. I listen and intuitively read what you bring to the session and ask specific questions that help clarify my understanding and realign you with your true self. Realign Counselling has a Person Centred core combined with years of research from motivational and inspirational speakers and various alternative practitioners. I therefore offer a forward thinking, motivational counselling style along with solution focussed techniques that also teach you how to move forward and make changes in your life.

Sessions last one hour, are generally weekly and on average last for around 6-8 sessions but some people need longer. Everyone is different, our work together is a journey and will unfold in its own way. You can choose to have weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions if you prefer, however I would recommend weekly for the first 3-4 sessions. Over a series of sessions, you feel more confident, empowered, have clarity and understanding and generally feel much happier. See some testimonials from previous clients here

Do you see children?

I don't offer counselling for children under 12. If you're worried about your child under 12 please speak to your GP who can refer you to other services.

What are your fees?

New Clients:

I offer all new clients a FREE 20 minute no obligation introductory session so you can meet me and find out more information. If following that free session you decide to go ahead with me then my fees are as follows:


£70 (per 1 hour session)

Adolescents (12+):

£60* (per 1 hour session) (*additional travel costs apply for home visits depending on location)