Realign Counselling

Resilience Counselling for adults and busy professionals 

Resilience for Professionals

Vicki Morganti is a Resilience Expert who works with driven professionals to help them be more productive, perform to their optimum and enjoy work and life.

Vicki helps busy professionals rediscover their inner resilience in order to achieve professional success without burnout.

Vicki began training in counselling in 1998 and has worked in the area of anxiety and depression for twenty years. During that time Vicki has seen that people are born resilient and our culture undermines that resilience and causes people to lose confidence in their ability to cope with difficult situations.

From a young age, people are encouraged to play safe and avoid taking risks. Playing safe leads to a loss of confidence in your ability to handle change, major challenges and making difficult decisions.

Vicki now works with people in business to help them rediscover their innate strengths so they can fulfil their full personal and professional potential and enjoy life. She has developed a system to show people how to quickly get back in touch with their inner resilience and maintain it through challenges.

When people get their resilience back, they feel calmer, more in control and confident and it’s not unusual for them to get promoted and enjoy work and life so much more.