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Realign Counselling

What is Realign Counselling?

The fundamental theory of Realign Counselling is that we all have an 'inner self', it's the home of our gut feelings and instincts and it's this that guides us in making choices and decisions. However our 'outer self' (ie us in the world, what we do, where we're from, the story of us) is impacted, influenced and programmed by our experiences in childhood, our parents, education and school life, relationships, society, the media and circumstances/traumas/or loss in our lives.


We can then become disjointed and out of alignment from our 'inner self'. As a result we can feel we have lost our Mojo, held ourselves back, made poor decisions, or we begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed, lost, stuck, confused and/or unfulfilled. The further away we are from our 'inner self' the more anxious, hopeless and depressed we can feel. Life then becomes like groundhog day where we just go through the motions of daily life on automatic pilot, sometimes observing life rather than being in it. Or trying and doing but not getting anywhere, like you are constantly going upstream or running a constant upward incline on the treadmill of life. This can go on so long that you forget what you are even striving for. We may reach for quick fixes along the way such as alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, and other addictions to numb out the resistance/emptiness/pain. Or try and take control with rigid ways of thinking such as anxious thoughts and OCD type behaviours. If this goes on long enough we can begin feel despondent, overwhelmed, confused, hopeless and wonder what is even the point of pushing forward and if perhaps if anyone would even care if we weren't here anymore.


The good news is, that no matter where you are on your journey, you never become detached from your 'inner self', it is always there waiting for you, it is part of who we are, you simply need to gain clarity, refocus and realign key aspects of your 'self', and Vicki can show you HOW! By taking you on a journey of self discovery, healing old wounds and traumas, clearing away old habitual thinking and limiting beliefs, with simple steps and techniques that can quickly help you feel more yourself, happier, calmer, more confident, in control and more resilient to cope with life's challenges.


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What can I expect?

Sessions last 50 minutes and are weekly to start but can move to every 2 weeks and then monthly or as and when required. 

Vicki offers both long and short term work. Sessions are £80 each and can be paid weekly or in blocks of 2, 4 or 6

Realign Counselling face to face sessions

Face to face

Face to Face (In person) sessions at Vicki's private practice in Surrey

Realign Counselling online sessions


Sessions via Zoom

Realign Counselling phone sessions


Sessions over the phone

(International calls via WhatsApp)

Realign Counselling
Realign Counselling

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Realign Counseling
Realign Counselling





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